Allegheny Conference 2017 Annual Report

Moving the Region Forward. Together.



“The Pittsburgh Region.” When I say that phrase now, I’m prouder and more excited than ever. I’m not only proud of what Pittsburgh is today, but also proud of how we’ve gotten to where we are: by people from throughout southwestern Pennsylvania coming together, time and again, as partners in regional improvement. 

As much as I’m proud, I’m excited because this region is ready to look beyond transformation. I believe we’re ready to get focused on the future. 

In spite of impressive progress, our region has some serious issues to grapple with, and we must commit to tackling them without hesitation. I believe we must continue thinking bigger and broader and better about new and even more impactful ways, as a region, to respond to the challenges that can threaten our progress. The same holds true for how we respond to opportunities that can further propel us to becoming a global city.

As the Allegheny Conference’s CEO, I want to see this organization’s networks opened wider to more completely invite, welcome and mobilize all of our Regional Investors – who are the lifeblood of the Conference – as well as allies from the technology, innovation, university, government and nonprofit communities around the region. We must come together as a bigger and even more impactful region that is willing to work with urgency, perseverance and vision to improve and equip Pittsburgh to reach its fullest potential. The result will be a region that’s ripe with opportunity for everyone.



Stefani Pashman


2017 Allegheny Conference Leadership